Puppy Preschool

Puppies have a sensitive period of development between 6-16 weeks. Any experiences your new pup has during this time can affect his/her later behaviour. Puppy preschool is designed as a fun way for your pup to learn how to socialise with their future four and two legged friends.

We also educate you the owner on how to raise a safe, well-mannered, healthy citizen and family member. Puppy preschool addresses this by socialising the pup to new friends and non-threatening situations. To develop into happy, healthy confident adults puppies need to be handled and socialised regularly. It is also much easier to teach a puppy the basic commands and good behavior now rather than when it is a much larger problem later down the track.

Taking your dog to the vet can be a stressful time for all involved. Puppy preschool is designed to be fun! All training is reward-based and there are lots of play sessions. Soon your puppy will see coming to the vet as a fun outing!

Over the four weeks of this course we will discuss topics such as nutrition, common behaviours, diseases that affect your puppy and your family, basic commands, grooming and much more.

Benefits of Puppy Preschool:
  • Puppy socialisation in a safe environment
  • Advice on all aspects of pet care
  • Introduction to basic training
  • Discussion of common problems.

Above all, great fun!

The course is available across all three of our clinics and runs for four weeks (one night per week from 5.30-6.30pm). At the end of the course you and your puppy receive an information package to help you after graduation. You also receive a Certificate of Graduation for you to proudly display.

Puppies must be between 6 & 16 weeks of age and have had their first vaccination.

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